What Martin Luther King Jr. Can Teach Us about Branding

If you want to move people, it has to be toward a vision that’s positive for them, that taps important values, that gets them something they desire and it has to be presented in a compelling way so that they feel inspired to follow.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

On this day we celebrate a visionary leader who changed the trajectory of our country for the better. His insights can also teach businesses certain things when formulating their brand. For a brand to be successful it must…

  1. Be something that taps into their customer’s values and desires

The 2018 Earned Brand Study showed 64% of consumers are Belief-Driven. That means that nearly two-thirds of your perspective customers will buy or not buy your product based on a social or even political issues that they care about. Furthermore, while Belief-Driven consumers are higher among the millennials and younger generations, the same survey showed the majority of 55+ and high income earners are also Belief-Driven. That is why this should be a key eliminate when defining your identity as a new company. What are your values? What is your purpose? How do you make our culture better? As Dr. King was saying in the quote, if you want people to move, you have to offer something that taps into their values and is something they desire.

  1. Be presented in a compelling way that they feel inspired to follow

Once you have your identity as a company. You know your products values and purpose. The next step is presenting the information in a compelling way. Humans react based on emotion. Unfortunately, that is why there is so much negative news and polarizing media. When we see something that makes us mad, we react, when we see something that scares, us we react. However, we can also react to things that inspire us positively. Inspirational stories that engage us have a tremendous influence on our spending habits and loyalty. Think about all the commercials out there that feature cute animals. I be every dog lover has considered purchasing a Subaru. When framing your brand story or marketing campaign, a very useful tool is creating something that will elicit a positive emotional response. Martin Luther King Jr’s leadership, speeches and actions were compelling and they inspired many of his fellow Americans to step into action. What inspires you? What drives you to action? Let your prospective customers know and make that part of your story.

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