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Doss Consulting is a husband and wife partnership who have different but complimentary skills sets. Melissa Doss is a natural marketer, networker, branding/social media expert, licensed mediator, attorney, and business owner.

As an engineer, management professional, and part time business manager for Melissa Doss Law, Daniel Doss is naturally analytical, process oriented, and efficiency driven.

Together Melissa and Daniel bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a network of connections to individuals looking to start up a new business or current business owners looking to improve their existing business.

Our mission is to provide resources and solutions that empower new and existing businesses to realize their full potential and gain sustainable success in both their personal and professional lives.

Business Startup Evaluation & Support

Our services range from business feasibility analysis, to establishing a branding and marketing plan and everything in between.

Branding/Marketing Coaching

We will help you define your brand and help you develop a targeted marketing strategy for your particular business.

Business Communication Coaching

We will help develop strategies to connect to your prospects and provide coaching on improving your business communication skills.

Business Process Optimization

We’ll help define your processes, identify areas of waste , and assist business in creating tools to measure and control key areas.

Business Health Evaluation

We can help with employee retention, customer satisfaction, business strengths and weaknesses, and new opportunities.

Personalized Business Plans

We work with our clients to learn about their overall business and goals to provide additional value and growth.

About Us


Daniel has almost a decade of experience in management and leadership. Throughout his career he has managed and led multi-disciplinary teams on multi-million dollar public works projects. In addition, he has developed and implemented organizational process improvements to maximize limited resources, improve efficiency, eliminate information silos and waste.

He has a very keen understanding of Lean principles and best management practices used to help businesses create more value for their customers with optimal resources. As an engineer, Daniel brings a very analytical mind to the table and loves to crunch numbers and look at data. He is a graduate of several leadership academies and participates in national and regional management committees.

As a part-time business manager with Melissa Doss Law, LLC he has helped the business grow smart and achieve sustainable success. Daniel is graduate of the University of Kentucky and Johns Hopkins University with degrees in Engineering.


Having worked in various law firms for the past decade, Melissa has been able to gain knowledge of what works and doesn’t work for businesses. Three years ago, Melissa took the knowledge she’d gained over the years and started her own law firm, Melissa Doss Law, LLC.

She started the firm with just a $5,000 loan and over the past 3 years, she, along with her incredible staff and support system, has helped the firm grow into a six-figure profitable company. In addition, Melissa and Daniel moved to the Northern Kentucky area 7 years ago not knowing a single person. Since moving to the area, Melissa and Daniel have gained a network of hundreds of colleagues.

Along with Melissa’s knowledge of how to network, start, grow, and improve businesses, you will also gain access to her large network of colleagues who will help with different aspects of both professional and personal growth.

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